Love Is Hope

Leaves me filled with love

Love is hope for things to come….

Hope for a future you desire; to have a family, find your soul mate or achieve the dream you endlessly envision each and everyday.  Wherever the HOPE in your heart lies, love is always connected to it.

When you have that burning love inside for someone or something; your spouse, child, sibling or to become an actor, singer, architect or even a politician (yikes!), any feeling related to these things are of optimism, expectancy, confidence and faith.  You naturally open your mind and heart to allow for good things to come from or to them.

The love of family – to have hope for a beautiful home, a marriage that is truly connected, children who will be achievers and make you proud as a parent.

The love of your spouse/boyfriend – to have hope for a vacation you’d like to take together, an engagement, a wedding, possibility starting a family.

The love of career – to have hope for achieving the dream job, getting the promotion, have the corner office with all the windows (woot, woot!), to make more money or to be called CEO one day!

Wherever your love lies, the hope that flows from it will ultimately capture the profound destiny that rests in your heart.  Love is Hope.  Hope is Love.




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