10 Ways To A Vibrant, New You

  1. Slay The Sweets – Oh yes they’re sooo yummy, yet can be so bad for you if you overindulge.  The salacious white poison not only spikes your blood sugar level, but can contribute to the extra cushion around your mid-section.  And don’t be fooled by “sweeteners” as well.  Sucralose may negatively alter good bacteria in the gut and aspartame may contribute to chronic illness.  Yikes!  Cut it out.  Look for substitutes to your favourite sugary treats or drinks.  Enjoy whole fruits, sparkling water flavored with orange/lemon and a squirt of liquid Stevia, or dehydrate fruit to make your own fruit rollups!
  1. Pump Some Iron – Throw around some dumbbells (ok, not literally!), but start to strength train with some free weights and machines.  It’s not only great for your bones (yes, bones!), but it builds strength and burns fat.  One pound of muscle burns 50 calories…and that’s just at rest.  And ladies, as a side note, contrary to what some may think, lifting weights will not make you big and bulky.  It would take years and years, lots of training and a strict diet to make you huge like Hercules.  So get going on maxing out your bench press!
  1. Fall in Love With Your Heart – Do some cardio!  Cardio is great for your ticker.  It opens those arteries, gets the blood flowing and heart pumping.  And shhh…I will let you in on a little secret…interval training will give your body an after burn, for up to 8 hours!  That means following a kickass heart thumping session, you’re still burning calories, just going about your day.
  1. Popeye Power – Add greens to your diet.  Spinach (Popeye’s favourite!), kale, collards, broccoli, dandelion, whatever green veggie you desire!  Greens are awesome for you.  Fiber, vitamins, minerals in ample supply, not to mention it may help to protect you against heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.  Greens are a nutritional powerhouse and SHOULD be included as part of your healthy eating regimen.
  1. Even More Green! – Drink up some GREEN tea.  Its nutritional antioxidant properties are astounding providing improved brain function, fat loss and even lowering your risk of cancer. Similarly, it assists in the prevention of inflammation and keeps that nasty plaque clogging cholesterol under control.
  1. PURGE – Get rid of all your old clothes and shoes that have been collecting dust and taking space.  Yes, even those ones you’re keeping “just in case”.  If you haven’t used them in the past 2 years, chuck it in the bin…YOU WILL NOT USE IT!  Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. It’s amazing how good it feels to purge and purchase some new digs for your wardrobe.  You deserve it.  Strut your stuff in that new, knockout dress or new pair of slacks!
  1. A Little R & RRest and relaxation is revitalizing for the mind and body.  Whether you decide to be in your PJ’s all day, sleep and watch movies or take a spa day enjoying a little pampering, you need this time to rejuvenate yourself.  Sleep in particular, not only contributes to better moods, memory and mental alertness, it also contributes in negating many diseases and health problems.  So pull down the blinds or have a cat nap on the massage table…. it’s great for your overall health!
  1. Stretch – Ahhhh…your body will love you for it. Sitting all day behind your desk, or doing repetitive movements on the job can tighten and strain the tendons and muscles.  Stretch them out.  There are many benefits such as increasing flexibility, mobility and blood circulation. So, get in the downward dog position and STRRRETCH, stretch those muscles!
  1. Be a Good Person – Share a little love.  Be nice and compassionate to your fellow neighbor.  Encourage, compliment, motivate and boost somebody else up!  It will have an invigorating effect on the soul.  We all have times when we need a shoulder or a kick in the pants.  Be that person with good intentions, empathy and grace; do things with a genuineness of heart and you’ll end up feeling like a million bucks.
  1. Live A Little – Dust off the bucket list and start putting them into action!  Whether it’s skydiving, travelling to Thailand, studying another language or learning the art of Tango, embrace the opportunities and possibilities that are completely open to you.  After all, life is an open door.  Go through it, look around, and experience what it has to offer.  Watching through the peep hole is mind-numbing and crushing to the spirit!  So put on your parachute, JUMP out the plane and into the realms of this breathtaking existence.





4 thoughts on “10 Ways To A Vibrant, New You

  1. Thats a lovely list of ten ways to makenour lives vibrant :))))
    Im lazy yaar let me follow the easiet tip .. green tea haha how about hibiscus tea.. i love it sour and sweet lolzzz

    Btw go through a couple of my blogposts which are easy to scan and make sense and guve me feedback.. i wanna write more like you and feel motivated..


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