A Shoulder To Lean On

Casting a shadow of love

Sometimes life can parade you through the most empowering, pleasurable, and exciting times; when your heads held high, your spirits are soaring and the energy riveting through your body is one that makes you wanna go “yippee!!”  And it’s these times when you feel the most content cause life is pretty damn good, you’re coasting, enjoying the ride.  And as much as you need to relish and dwell on these times, it should also be a time to “spread the love”, so to speak.  Look around you, is there someone who may need a little pick me up, like words of encouragement, a compliment, an out of the blue call/text to say you’re thinking of them, a small gesture of kindness like a gift or a cup of Joe (that always brings me pleasure…mmm, mmm!).  It’s practicing the concept of reaping what you sow.  Whatever you put out to the world, you essentially get back, one way or another.  Practice being a good person, one that is compassionate, kind and sensitive to the qualms of others.  You just never know when you’ll need a shoulder to lean on too!

There will come a point in all of our lives, (to the falsification of fairy tales!), that you’ll hit low points and it won’t be that “happily ever after” kinda story.  You’ll feel down and out for the count, basking in misery, feeling sorry for yourself cause life is sooo depressing and no one cares….snap outta of it!  Don’t fall into the trap of self-pity and loathing.  Wipe your eyes and look around once again.  There are always people who’ll be there for you, you just need to reach out and expose yourself.  Expose your vulnerabilities and worries and trust me they will throw out a life line and reel you back in!  Although it may not seem so at times, human beings in general, are sensitive and perceptive to the feelings of others.  It’s just natural and intuitive for most to help if they see someone in need, however that may be…

Find solace with whomever; be it a family member, friend, co-worker or inspiration from a song that speaks to you, writing in your journal, going to church, or listening to your fav motivational speaker.  Whatever it is, always know there are people who care about your well-being, and resources to help bring you back to life!  We’re NOT solo in this massive universe, no matter what challenges we face or crosses we bear.  Be that shoulder for someone to lean on or wipe your big tears on someone else’s shoulder.  We’re all connected one way or another and life is too short to go it alone!





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