What's weighing you down?
What’s weighing you down?

How great does it feel when you can just, phewww, get things off your chest that have been weighing you down mentally, spiritually and emotionally?  There is a sense of relief and liberation, ‘cause you can breathe easy again as the weight of the world has been lifted off you.

We all would appreciate and love to have that someone to confess the truths of our heart to. However, the idea of either not wanting to inconvenience people with our problems/concerns or simply not knowing who you can speak to and trust, stops you square in your tracks.  Those all-consuming thoughts, emotions, deliberations of the mind weigh you down like a ton of bricks that you just end bottling it all up until one day you blow your top, or actually find someone you can confide in…and most likely cause you can’t take it any longer!

Think about it and look around you.  Is there a person, people in your life that you can have an open conversation with?  The type where it’s no holds barred?  Someone who will be attentive, sensitive, non-judgement, give you unbiased advice, and a big ol’ bear hug if needed to make you feel comforted?  Be true when pondering your inner circle and your revelations about the connectivity of these relationships; their opinions and advice could pose a lasting impression with the decisions we make in our lives.

Regardless of how tough you think you may be, (cliché alert!) everyone needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to steal for a moment.  We’re all human, going through the same types of experiences, opportunities and challenges.  We all have families that drive us nuts (although we love them to death!), a job that can be uninspiring at times, relationship qualms, esteem and physical issues.  Thick skin or not, the mind starts to become soft, emotions start to become destructive and the world around you just seems to suck.  Before you get to this down and out mentality, remember there is someone out there that genuinely cares about your wellbeing.  Someone who would appreciate the trust of being your confidant to allow you to “see the forest through the trees”, or kick your butt onto the right path!

Allow your inhibitions to break free.  Seek the guidance and companionship that you desire and deserve, so you can release the iron grip of worries and off load some of the heavy cargo weighing you down.





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