Atlas In Your Hands


‘Have a plan; have an atlas in your hands’ were the words that caught my attention one night whilst listening to some good music over a glass of vino.  “Exactly!”, I thought.  The words resonated within me.  “The truth of your path lies within an atlas!”, I hollered out loud.  You could imagine the looks of those within ear shot of me, lol…

The world IS essentially in your hands.  YOU hold the power to decide which route to take to achieve your goals and ultimate destiny in life.  If your narrow minded thinking pigeon holes you into a dark, spiritless abyss, you will fall into the trap of living a humdrum, mundane, ‘dull as dishwater’ kinda life. YOU have a purpose.  Don’t just settle.  Break out of your shell and through the mental barriers of the shadows in your mind and LIVE.  Live the life that was intended for you. 

If you want to travel, pull out that atlas and pinpoint the destination.  If you want to have a better relationship, make it a point to have a weekly romantic rendezvous for two with your sweetheart…va, va voom!  If your desire is to be a social butterfly and make new friends, join a couple social groups.  If you always wanted to play the guitar, sign up to a course and learn to pull some strings.  Those extra pounds that have been weighing you down (literally!), hire a personal trainer to get your butt on a treadmill and teach you how to pump some iron.

There should be no excuses as to why you “can’t” do something.  Excuses are a crutch, and a justification for NOT doing something.  If you’re lost, searching, curious, interested or just bored to tears with the ordinary and don’t want to give up on the glorious dreams or longings of your heart, you must seek and learn what you can, however it plays out.  No one is stopping you but yourself; cause no one should have that kind of power over you, unless you let them.  Dare to dream big.  Dare to take risks.  Dare to express yourself and run your own race.  Move with purpose in your life and the world will be like putty in your hands.

Drop me a line; I’d love to know where your “atlas” inspires you to go in life!





5 thoughts on “Atlas In Your Hands

  1. Yes, excuses are only what you make of them. My atlas is still currently in a state of being printed – I have no clue what my heart wants me to do! I think it’s normal though, and whilst my atlas is being printed I will hitch-hike from adventure to adventure to hopefully find my path.


    1. Thanks for your comment Jess!
      And that is why life is so beautiful. Its through these awesome life adventures, that we can truly uncover what lies in our hearts and makes us tick! Have fun in YOUR journey of self discovery! 🙂

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  2. My atlas has kept me pretty much in the same area most of my life, but I take a trip south to Jamaica twice a year. An atlas is also a book chock-block full of beautiful papers to create crafts with…for instance…one year I folded the most exquisite Christmas Tree ornaments from the greenish pages of an atlas. Fun!


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