Here and Now

Be present.


ACTION is what is required in order to make changes in your life. Today. Here. Now. In the Present.

If you were to observe your current situation and just think a moment about how circumstances could change for your betterment, what would it look like? What is standing in your way? Is it fear? Is it someone? Does this person make you fly or do they make you stumble?

Start to visualize and dwell on what you desire. Create a new routine to change your bad habits. Meditate/pray for inspired thought and courage. Pay close attention to how you respond to those things that are fearful. Fear inhibits action, and unfortunately, it’s a mental monster that will always be lingering in the “school of life”. It attempts to take hold of and control your mind and thoughts, thus, stopping you square in your tracks. However, it’s learning how to master these impulses of mind, rather than give into it, that will give you the strength to conquer. Once you start to tackle the “monster”, you will notice a strong, gutsy spirit building inside, and you will be amazed at the feeling of self-respect and will power that will overtake you.

Action needs to take place in the present. It requires your fearless gumption, courage, tenacity, inspiration and expectation to make the appropriate changes in your life. Take the action to finally sign up to that college course you have been pondering over for years. Action, to propose to the woman you love, but always end up getting cold feet. Action, to finally write that book you’ve been thinking about, but never sat down to put thoughts on paper. Action, to aggressively look for another job, but you’ve just been too comfortable in your uber uninspiring job! Ugh.

There is no value in focussing on the actions of the past. The only thing you have control of is taking action, here and now, for your future. All you can be certain of is where you stand, lay or sit at the moment!  Take the rightful steps to make a difference in your future; no one else can do it for you.  Embrace the PRESENT, to catapult you into your destiny.





2 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. An inspiring post! We all seem to spend too much time planning events, dreaming things up, and not enough time to pursue them. As you say, it’s really important to overcome any fears or other obstacles that get in the way.


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