Shut The Front Door

Who enters your front door?

There are going to be times in your life when you instinctively know that a person and/or certain people are just detrimental to your soul.  They drain the energy and vigor straight outta you and you’re left feeling exhausted, angry, confused, lacking confidence, looking for a way out under their spell.

As humans, we can impart such an astounding pressure on one another; creating stress, worry, and expectations. Some may try to direct the goals of your life, like that of a parent steering a child in a certain career direction.  Others may apply pressure to accept certain values or the “proper” way of doing things, such as “it’s about time you got married!”.  Ugh.  Or, the manipulation of the mind, such as being in an abusive relationship.  Whatever the case may be, stay true to yourself and what feels right within the deep realms of your spirit.  Don’t sway, especially if it’s adversely affecting the essence of your true being.

One way to look at people in general is to put them into categories; those that bring you down and others that propel you higher.  I like to call them, “Downers” and “Urgers”.  Which do you want in your inner circle?  Of course, “Downers”, strive on being time thieves and energy suckers, but can in fact play a crucial role in the story of your life.  These people are the ones that make you realize the will and strength you have, as well as what you want out of your relationships.  Without them, a true discovery of self would be misguided.

On the other hand, “Urgers” take you to another level completely.  They thrust you higher allowing you to open your eyes and mind to see the creativity, talents, skills and ambition that are lying dormant within you.  They inspire and motivate you to a point of taking action.  Without them, you may not have gotten the promotion, passed the exam, backpacked around Europe, lost the weight, finished that DIY project, learned to play the trumpet or finally ask out your secret crush!

Decide who it is you want to be cohorting with, as spirits are indeed transferrable and can absolutely muffle the mind.  Much like aging, you can out grow certain things, ideas, beliefs, etc., and it’s the same with people.  Sometimes you just simply outgrow relationships and need to move on.  Not everybody is supposed to go where you’re going, and maybe, just maybe, if you kept them around, they could be halting the glorious, exciting life that awaits you!  Think about your affiliations and have the strength and courage to “shut the front door!”, and not allow the phantoms to seep through the cracks.


Banned, Irksome


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