Live Deliberately

Same Action = Same Result

We’ve all been blessed with magnificent talents and gifts.  Yet, through the hassle and bustle of everyday life, these treasures may sometimes get buried in the sand, as work, school, kids, bills, take over your life and by the end of the day….phewww, you’re exhausted and all you wanna do is relax on the coach and watch the next episode of Walking Dead, while munching on some popcorn!

Rewind back six months, one, five or maybe 10 years, and think back to those things you loved to do, that made you feel alive; a passion, a dream, something that innately inspired and motivated you.  Whether it be the love of writing (like myself, woohoo!), painting, singing, cooking, fashion, decorating, fitness, whatever it may be…we all have been instilled with that “something”.  The time is now to take hold of yourself and redefine your mission in life; what it is you’re meant to contribute during your stint here on earth!  Get back in tune to your calling or discover your hidden potential by following these 3 simple steps:

  1. Listen To What People Say

That is, listen to what GOOD things people say about you.  Those comments and/or compliments you receive from a friend, loved one or even a stranger.  Like, “wow, you’re really a great artist”. Or, “geez, I wish I had a voice like that” to “man, you’re an awesome cook, you should really think about opening your own restaurant”.  These types of accolades are really indicators that maybe, just maybe, you might be really damn good at a something!  Pay close attention to all the great whispers and chatter about you, and if you’re fortunate enough, you’ll have that one person who’ll push and motivate you to do something about it.  These people I call “Urgers” and they’re awesome!

  1. A Penny for Your Thoughts…

Yes, your thoughts! Write them down.  Get out a pen and paper or your electronic device and define your purpose in life.  It begins by simply asking yourself some questions like, what do I love to do?  When do I feel most alive and happy? What are my natural talents?  What are my skills?  What do people say I really excel at?  These types of simple, self-evoking enquires into what really is at the heart of YOU, can get you on track to aim for and fulfill your destiny.  So sit down and begin the process of unveiling what great riches you have inside.

  1. Take A Quiet Moment

In order to re-align yourself, you need some quiet time by yourself (and I mean ALL by yourself…no kids, spouses, friends!); a true quiet contemplation to look deep within, get focused and visualize your true purpose.  Pray and/or meditate.  Get in the right head space.  Really think about and envision that “something” you’re good at, which makes you feel a genuine happiness and meditate on it.  See yourself doing it, people’s reaction to it, how doing that “thing” makes you feel deep inside.  When you are truly connected to your universal talent/gift, something inside stirs, creating an excitement which stimulates the mind and makes the spirit soar.

Get connected to that abundance of talent you have stored up.  Seek, envision, ask for inspired guidance and action to reveal “what” it is the world is waiting to experience. When you grasp the concept of living deliberately, every step you make will be done with meaning; taking you one step closer to your calling and to your ultimate and divine destiny!



2 thoughts on “Live Deliberately

  1. So true!! All three steps are super helpful… Great advice. Then once a mission is set, good ‘ol Nike put it best, Just Do It. Love the article.


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