School of Life


In the grand scheme of our existence, would you agree that we’re all essentially students in the school of life? Much like attending school, in life, there are teachers, lessons and of course, homework! Assignments and projects we don’t necessarily choose or even desire to delve into. Lessons taught, that are beneficial any way we slice it; whether we can see at it the time or not. And teachers. The many, many teachers that will come in and out of your life from friends and family, furry companions, Mother Nature and unbelievably, even your loathed nemesis! As students, we must take charge of, and take pride in our work, the lives we lead and get the most out of our experiences.  There are no accidents in life; everything is purposeful.

Lessons; the challenges and opportunities we encounter day in and day out will be ever-present until the day we “meet our maker”.  There is no way around this.  As soon as you come to terms that all you’re really in control of is putting your best foot forward and making your best effort, and that ‘whatever happens, happens’, the more rewarding life will be.  It takes off the pressure of always chasing the carrot or even living up to expectations.

And our great teachers…oh, the teachers! A display of sentiments can be emitted from them depending on the love or ill-natured lessons they are teaching. Nevertheless, as a good student with integrity would do; pay attention, do your work, do it good and the only thing that will stick to you are the enlightened teachings of the individual lessons. Whether it’s a professor teaching you the fundamentals in accounting (ugh), a parent teaching you how to change a tire or even knit a sweater, to a co-worker who has it out for you; all will bring you out better, brighter, stronger and wiser.  Take the good and bad, and use them to your knowledgeable advantage.

Opening up the mind to decipher the meanings behind whatever circumstances we face and to implement change for the betterment of yourself, is essentially the homework you take home each day.  Take these lessons and use them to further yourself and help those around you!  Whether it’s advancing your skills by taking a course, learning how to become a cooler, calmer person through meditation or embodying what you’ve learned to teach another, the lessons should NEVER go to waste.  There is a reason for everything; maybe down the line you will finally realize the true meaning of those teachings and why you’re on the path you’re on!


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