What Sandwich Are You Making?

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Enlarge your palate in life

In the great world of sandwiches, there is a magnificent selections of toppings, breads, condiments; yummy favours, preparations and concoctions, that it’s sometimes overwhelming to make a decision on what to fill your roaring belly with. The possibilities are endless. The all-time fav PB&J. Ham and Cheese. Egg Salad. Tuna Salad. Smoked Meat. Grilled Veggie Wrap. The assortments are mind boggling that you’re left asking yourself, “what am I gonna make?”

So, what kind of sandwich are you making EVERYDAY?

What if you were making the same sandwich…Every. Single. Day.  One that requires no thinking, just slap it together and rush out the door. On the other hand, what if your sandwich has an element of frequent variation, diligently taking the time to assemble delicious ingredients for one scrumptious, beautiful hoagie? There is a difference; one is present-minded, the other is absent-minded.  Much like life, are you living it with intentional thoughts and action, or are you getting by rushing through it accepting the ordinary?

Habitual and common is not embracing the spirit of living. Yes, we all do need routine in life, however, by just accepting mediocrity and settling is a road leading to displeasure and despair.  Our existence is such that needs variety, courage and an open-mindedness to really fuel that innate ambition in all of us. Aspirations to become a famed novelist, a doctor, a veterinarian, have a family, live abroad, purchase a home or buy your dream car! Whatever is flickering at your core, ignite it with a fire of passion, expectancy and audacity to bring it to fruition. Don’t be swayed or discouraged by disappointments and obstacles experienced throughout your life, as these things are part of the universal plan to get you where you’re meant to be. Lessons learned and the strength built by circumstances faced, will prepare you for what lies ahead.  If you went through life without hiccups, how could you appreciate the good things that come out of it? Appreciation comes out of victory; with victory comes confidence; with confidence comes strength of mind and spirit.

In order to revive the dreams, goals and desires of your existence, you must constantly change, improve and diversify the palate of your life. Much like a sandwich, create it to explore and savour in your god given senses. Taste the goodness, see the abundance, touch the textures, smell the sweetness and listen to the sound of praise for a sandwich well made!


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