Christmas Memories


It’s 5 days till Christmas. The streets are a buzzin’. Snow is a glisten’. Memories are a comin’!

Reminiscing on my fondest childhood memory was waking up on Christmas morning, bursting with excitement to open my gift from Santa…but not from under the tree.  At my house, Santa would leave it outside, on my window sill.

In the morning, I would wake with anticipation and run to the window to see if Santa remembered to deliver my gift. Hair all disheveled, eyes peering through heavy eyelids from an unrestful night’s sleep, I would whip open the curtains to see a beautifully wrapped gift box, bow and all, waiting for me on the other side. Unclasping the lock, and ungracefully lifting the window, there, right in front of my BIG brown eyes, was the gift I was waiting for all year long. Grabbing and holding onto to it for dear life, I would prance around the house, screaming “Santa brought my gift!”, “Santa brought my gift!”, waking my older brother who would jump out of bed to see what all the commotion was about.  Hehe…I secretly knew I was Santa’s favourite. A present was never left on his window sill, but he never did seem to care…. Strangely enough though, there were always reindeer footprints which trailed into the backyard, stopping square, right at his window? Hmmm…. I now wonder if he had a “secret Santa” story he never did tell….

What’s your favourite Christmas memory? Or, what’s on your wish list this year?


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