Muscle Your Will Power


It’s easy to give into the urges of the mind and body, but in order to gain and sustain personal power and a strong sense of self-respect, you must master those enticing desires.

Whether to smoke another cigarette, have extra slice of cake, chase after the person you know is so wrong for you, or perhaps, putting in long hours at work or even at the gym; be mindful and present in the process of your decision making. All actions you take, good or bad, has its price and pleasures, responsibilities and consequences. Recognize both sides and be accountable for your behaviour.

Counterbalancing the negative effects of your activities with the right type of action, is the secret to indulging every so often and not feeling so bad – physically, emotionally or mentally. Any compulsive, neurotic, all-encompassing activity, routine and/or ritual can likely be problematic to the health of your mind and body, therefore, balance and moderation is key…because too much of any one thing is never good.

If you REALLY need to “kill it” at the gym, take the necessary recovery time to allow your body to recoup.  If you find yourself working late until the wee hours of the morning, offset that by going into work a little later the next day to catch up on some zzzz’s.  If that delicious, chocolaty, yummy cake is calling your name and you inhale it like a vacuum, balance it off with a few days of veggies, lean meats and fresh fruits!

The concept of developing will power is giving up bad habits and creating new, healthy ones. Be a mindful person of purpose, courage and strength; utilize those “muscles” of willpower and observe how much stronger you can become!

Happy New Year….and cheers to your New Year’s Resolutions! 🙂


Hopeful, Resilient, Retrospective, Year, Superpower


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