Fill It Up


Ahhh, refreshing…

Water is Mother Nature’s purest, life sustaining source and ABSOLUTELY essential for the healthy functioning of many bodily functions. So, why is it so often overlooked or pushed aside for its carbonated, caffeinated or sugar laden rivals?

Our magnificent bodies are made up of 50 to 75 percent water; that is from blood, urine, digestive juices, perspiration, and in lean muscle, fat and bones. And, since our bodies can’t store water, it is crucial to replenish, replenish, replenish! Having some good ol’ plain water, between 6-8 glasses a day, will assist in keeping your “temple” in tip-top shape by aiding with digestion/constipation, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, regulating your body temperature and lubricating those joints. Water is undeniably your friend and should be your go-to drink of choice!

Below are FOUR thirst-quenching reasons to keep H2O top of mind and in your bottle.

1. Listen To Your Body

If you’re moody, light-headed, unable to focus and suffer from headaches, H2O may just be the simple solution you’re looking for. You’re DEHYDRATED. The human body cannot make or store water, so it’s necessary to replace what you’ve eliminated during the day. Water is essential to many bodily processes, so gulp down your daily requirement and feel your body’s favourable response.

2. That Bloating Feeling 

If you’re feeling like the Michelin man, chances are your body’s holding onto water. Yep, if you’re not drinking those vital glasses of aqua per day, the body actually takes hold of the water in your body to assist in regulating bodily functions. The only way to rid yourself of that plumpish look is, you guessed it, bottoms up… with water. Not only will it assist to eliminate bloating, but enjoying your new favourite beverage will aid to increase your metabolism and burn calories more efficiently. And shhh, here’s a little secret…if you drink ice cold water, you’ll burn even more calories!

3. Pasty Mouth

Do you have the case of “cotton mouth”? That dry, pasty, ‘tongue getting stuck to the roof of your mouth’ sensation? You’re DEHYDRATED. Ensure that you drink as often as you can…and not just to wet your whistle or when thirsty. Enough that you’re visiting the loo several times during the day. And if you’re urine is pale or light yellow as opposed to dark yellow and smelly, than hats off to you, you’re doing a great job!

4. Night Cap

As you’re snoozing off in la-la-land, your body has the time to replenish fluids lost throughout the day; help to keep hydration levels topped up by finishing off the night with a glass of water. Additionally, it aids in cleansing the system of unwanted toxins, which in turn will contribute to a healthy digestive system, strong muscles and a clear complexion…and who doesn’t love glowing skin! So, before you dive into bed, swap out your warm cup o’ milk for H2O.

Although simple water can be boring to most, let’s remember the advantages of making it your new best friend when tempted to reach for a coffee or soda pop. Liven up your next glass with a squeeze of lemon, lime, orange, or alternately, make your own fruit and/or veggie infused water. Be experimental or drink it straight up, as Mother Nature intended!

Cheers! 🙂



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