DEE – that’s me!

VITA – Italian translation for “Life” 

DEE-VITA Reflections = informative tips, insight and humble advice to inspire healthy, positive change and resilience to live your best LIFE now

I don’t know about you, but life can be pretty damn good at times and the next minute, throw you a curve ball that hits you square in the face. Bam! Life as we know it brings us highs and lows, pains and pleasures, that’ll either make you wanna scream or cry tears of joy!

Dee-Vita was started as a blog to inspire and provoke awareness of the Body, Mind and Soul, and hopefully, give some answers and guidance to lead you down a path of good health, longevity and mindfulness. Yay!

We’ll explore topics related to health and fitness (i.e. lace up your sneakers and get to pumpin’ those weights!). Nutrition (i.e. put down that brownie… it’s PROOOTEIN shake time!). Personal development (i.e. “I’m King (or Queen) of the World!” – ways to get you stoked about better-ing yourself). Self-love (“I’m good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me!” – tips on how to be happy and spread a lit’ love).

Come, take this fantastical journey of self-discovery, re-invention or just delve into some good, ol’ introspective reading, as I uncover what this thing called LIFE really can bring us, if we take it by the HORNS and live a life of good health, strength, love and kindness.

Hunker down, buckle up and get to reading already! 🙂


~Daniela, a.k.a. DEE-Vita