Dee-vita Reflections


“DAVITA” = From Life

REFLECTIONS = For the Love of Life…..Whhhy?!



  1. WHY certain things happen and people are in (or out of) your life contemplating, ‘Whhhy me?’, ‘Why must there always be problems’, ‘I cannot believe it’s over’ or ‘How can this person be related to me?”
  1. WHY some doors open and others smack you square in the face wondering, ‘Why didn’t I close that deal’, ‘Yay, I got the job!’ or ‘How could she say NO to my marriage proposal’ (Ouch!)
  1. WHY that person you never met moves you to a point of feeling overwhelmed with emotion, pondering, ’I feel as though I’ve met her before?’ or ‘There’s just something about him I can’t put my finger on?’
  1. WHY things seem so hard to accomplish like, ‘I just can’t take off these extra pounds’, ‘How do I get focussed already?’ or ‘Why can’t I get out of this rut?’

There are so many questions, coincidences, and mysteries in life that sometimes you literally feel like you’re seeking answers to questions that really NOBODY can answer. Could your quests be that of a super natural force? Simply coincidental? Or just a natural progression of sorts? Likewise, the answers could in fact be looking you square in the face, but are simply oblivious through your eyes. Whatever the case may be, it’s a force nonetheless, that moves each and every part of the “life wheel” we’re all running on like hamster’s day in and day out; but it’s all purposeful, all for a reason.

This personal blog is an exploration of life’s messages, signs, signals and my profound insight, interpretation and humble advice attempting to connect the dots. A journey into the depths of most trivial of messages or far beyond; uncovering the lessons to enlighten me and I hope you, about life, its circumstances and people in them.

Travel with me on this fantastical journey of SELF DISCOVERY as I travel up high to the hilltops and dooown low through the valleys; singing in celebration or sulking in a bucket of ice cream!  This is life, and it’s a life full of lessons.  So come along for the ride, while I undercover what it’s all about!

Daniela, a.k.a.  DEE-Vita